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Art IS Education: Art IS Education

Art IS Education Official Website

Art IS Education is an annual, much anticipated county-wide showcase demonstrating the power of youth learning in and through the arts.

Art Events, Workshops, & Programs

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Art IS Education 2018 ACLibrary Event Booklet

Join us for 300 free arts events for youth, adults and families!

          Art IS Education 2018 ACLibrary Event Booklet

Art IS Education Events at Alameda County Library

In honor of Art IS Education in March, Alameda County Library is presenting a series of 300 free arts events for youth, adults, and families. The Art IS Education theme this year is Creative Connections. Join the fun at the events and enjoy creative activities for your family and community!


This is the 18th year of the countywide arts education celebration, Art IS Education. Alameda County Library is working in partnership with the Alameda County Arts Commission and the Alameda County Office of Education to expand the reach of Art IS Education to library patrons by presenting this amazing array of free arts events for all ages.