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Alameda County Library

Accessibility Services: Computer/Internet


Tutorials to learn the mouse, the Internet, and computers.

Tutorials on the most popular and useful websites on the Internet, social networks and dating sites to everyday tools for getting directions and knowing what the weather's going to be like. Learn how to listen to music, watch videos, and have phone calls right on your computer through the power of the Internet! Also, there are special resources dedicated to 50+ adults.
Another very good tutorial.
A list of websites with tutorials on typing and keyboarding.
This app is on all iPhones. After set-up, you can log into a webpage map to locate your iPhone.
Free app for GPS tracking for family members who have enabled this service.
This store sells assistive technology for all ages. Items include magnifiers, large print keyboards, etc.
Video and chat on the computer or smartphone. Great way to keep in touch long distance. You need a built-in camera and microphone on computer or device.