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Alameda County Library

In accordance with the new Shelter in Place order issued by Alameda County, our libraries will remain closed through its end on May 3rd. Read more

Library Administration: Library Mission

Vision Statement

Infinite possibilities for all to connect, share, succeed, thrive


Mission Statement

To offer opportunities and resources for lifelong learning and enjoyment that support individual and community growth. We remain responsive by providing welcoming spaces, outreach, materials, expertise, technology, partnerships and innovation.



Respect, Integrity, Courage


Operating Practices

Customer Service, Collaboration, Communication



  • Ensure that County Mission, Vision and Values are integrated into the Library Strategic Plan
  • Deliver excellent customer service throughout the organization
  • Identify barriers to optimal library experiences
  • Establish equitable access to library resources throughout our service area
  • Expand Mobile Services to provide access without boundaries
  • Create partnerships and collaborations with community agencies, individuals, groups that help the library identify and respond to needs
  • Grow readers and learners
  • Continue developing the library as a cultural crossroad in the community
  • Integrate Social Responsibility concepts into all activities and locations
  • Develop and maintain marketing staff and efforts to fulfill the library mission
  • Implement an environmental scan to provide an accurate overview of our service area
  • Implement a fiscal study to review revenue sources
  • Provide effective and efficient channels of communication
  • Become a “technology curious” organization