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Christina’s Casual Contemplation on Archimedes, Part 3

by Archimedes Bloggers on 2019-08-16T12:13:04-07:00 | Comments

Christina’s Casual Contemplation on Archimedes, Part 3

By Christina

I have high hopes for the Fremont Main Library and the Archimedes Makerspace. The availability of powerful machines and resources to the public will be a great asset in cultivating a thriving community of makers, especially for those who don’t normally have the money or environment that can encourage the exploration of designing and building projects to solve everyday problems.

Student working on a sock puppet project

The opening day of Archimedes on August 16, 2019 also marks a promising future of what’s to come: a variety of new classes and the coming together of people who share a common interest, not just about making things but also about what they can’t make and how to work around it. In progress already are plans for sewing classes, which I look forward to joining if I have the chance.

I’m also hoping the library will expand in other areas of interest as well. As an artist, I would be absolutely ecstatic if tweening or cell animation was taught, or if rigging and modeling in CGI (3D animation) with software such as Blender, a free yet powerful open-source program, could be explained. Cooking classes would be of absolute necessity if I don’t want to go to college eating cup of noodles and fast food. Compost, grafting and other propagation techniques, pests, animals and plants good for the environment, eco-friendly alternatives to normal household goods, and signs of plant disease are all potential topics that can make a budding gardener (and me) happy, not to mention that it’s a good way to inform about the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

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