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The Vision of Alameda County Library is Kind, Connected Humans

by Stay Safe, Kind & Connected Blog Team on 2020-06-02T14:55:00-07:00 | Comments

Kind, Connected Humans

The Vision of Alameda County Library is Kind, Connected Humans 

By Cindy Chadwick and Deb Sica

Perhaps it is too soon to talk about kindness. Today, we are devastated by the horrifying murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We are sickened by the ongoing, systemic injustices and oppression experienced by Black Americans. We are overwhelmed by the work ahead. But we know—the only way we can truly move forward is IN kindness, and THROUGH our human connection.      

We also know we cannot be Kind, Connected Humans without actively working for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI). If we are committed to kindness and connection, we must all become JEDIs now, however that looks for each of us. Some of this work is internal. It is challenging, complicated, and often painful and uncomfortable. It will mean making mistakes and course correcting both intended and unintended consequences. And we must be brave and do it anyway.     

A key part of our shared power as community libraries lies in the kindness and connection we cultivate. Here are some of the ways AC Library is cultivating justice, equity, diversity and inclusion:

  • On June 1, we began offering a new service: Kind, Connected Conversations. Anyone is welcome to call and connect with our librarians for a 20 minute conversation. Connecting with each other is how we will move forward together. Please note that there are limited appointments available. We plan to expand appointments as demand increases. 

  • Virtual programs, including Kind, Connected Neighbors. In this program, we are noticing and sharing examples of kindness in our communities. 

  • Our broad collection of materials that reflect the diversity of our communities. We also have a curated collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks on the topic of antiracism, available through OverDrive.     

AC Library, along with more than 160 public library systems across the United States and Canada, have signed the Urban Libraries Council’s Statement on Race and Social Equity. The statement details our commitment to a more just society in which all community members can realize their full potential.

There is much more we can and will do. Please join us in this work. We are stronger together.

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