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Civic Participation: Home

Strategic Area of Exploration: Civic Participation

Civic Participation

Civic Participation is one of our four strategic areas of exploration in our strategic plan. Community is built on the connection between individuals, public institutions, and local organizations. Engaged and informed decision-making requires ongoing communication…and we need everyone’s voices.

The year 2020 bring us two key events where we can all practice civic participation. One is by completing the Census before September 30. The other is by voting in the General Election on November 3.

2020 Census

2020 Census

Complete the Census by September 30, 2020

The census provides the government with an accurate population count every ten years. It influences many areas of our lives, from determining how many seats our state receives in the House of Representatives to showing where our communities need new schools, clinics, roads, and services for families, older adults, and children.

The results will also inform how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are divided among over 100 programs, including those that support Medicaid, Head Start, community mental health services, wildlife restoration, child abuse prevention, and housing assistance for older adults.

Take the census today to make sure you’re counted. Read more about the Importance of the Data and how census results make an Impact in Your Community.

Voting in the General Election

Voting in the General Election

Voting gives us the power to elect public officials and communicates our opinions on which laws, regulations, and policies should be enacted at the local, state, and federal government levels. This year’s General Election is particularly important because we have the choice of reelecting the current president or electing a new one.

You can register to vote online in as little as two minutes. Californians have until October 19, 2020 to register to vote in this year’s Presidential Election on November 3, 2020.

Don't know if you're registered? Find your registration status. Can't vote in person on Election Day? Request an absentee ballot by completing and mailing the Permanent Vote by Mail form to Alameda County Registrar of Voters.

Civics for Kids

Pet Census 2020

Pet Census 2020

Complete the Pet Census by September 30, 2020

Kids can learn about the census too! Practice your census-taking skills with Pet Census 2020. By filling out the Pet Census, you'll find out how counting your pet leads to better services for all pets in your neighborhood.

Here are some pets that have already been counted!

Six images of a black cat stretching and sitting Tabby cat glaring at the camera, sitting on a rug near a food bowl Black cat up close, staring at the camera Two dogs sitting in the back of a car


Links & Resources


Want to learn more about voting and the election process? Read through these resources!

Learn more about what a census is, what to expect when filing out this year's census, and how that data will impact lives in your community and throughout the country.

Civics Booklists for Kids

Civics Corner: Making a Difference Booklist for Kids

Civics Corner: Making a Difference

Books about civic and political participation and activism.

Civics Corner: Rocking the Vote Booklist for Kids

Civics Corner: Rocking the Vote

Books about the history of voting in the United States and how elections work.

Civics Corner: We the People Booklist for Kids

Civics Corner: We the People

Books about how government works in the United States.

Civics Corner: We All Belong Booklist for Kids

Civics Corner: We All Belong

Books about immigration and citizenship.

Civics Booklists for Teens & Adults

Civics Corner: Democracy and Politics Booklist for Teens & Adults

Civics Corner: Democracy and Politics

Books about politics, activism, elections, and the electoral college, plus the history of the US census and censuses around the world.

Civics Corner: Voting Rights Booklist for Teens & Adults

Civics Corner: Voting Rights

Books on voting rights, history of the vote, voter suppression and barriers, and women’s suffrage.

Civics Corner: Citizenship and Immigration Booklist for Teens & Adults

Civics Corner: Citizenship and Immigration

Books on citizenship, becoming a citizen, the citizenship exam, and the history of immigration and the role of immigrants in the development of the United States.