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Fremont Local History Resources: Irvington

Use this guide to find resources for the history of Fremont from prehistory to the present day.


Irvington or Gallegos Winery, Gladys Williamson Collection, Maurice Marks Center for Local and California History

Also know as Washington Corners, or Five Corners, this unique area of modern day Fremont boasts a five corner intersection and a landmark with an interesting past. Historic Buildings, as well as new construction related to the BART extension mark this area as one in transition.


Online Resources

A Pleistocene Ecosystem, by Wesley Gordon details his study of the paleontological evidence determined to be from around 1.3 million years ago.


Irvington Fire Department, Gladys Williamson Collection, Maurice Marks Center for Local and California History

For more resources related to Washington Township return to the Washington Township home page. Resources specific to Irvington are listed below.

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Irvington Calif History


Multiple copies of certain books may be available for checking out at various local branches. Some books also have additional copies for in library use only at the Maurice Marks Center in the Fremont Main Library. Check location and availability by clicking on the book titles below.