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Create Imaginary Animals: Art IS Education

Create Imaginary Animals

Create Imaginary Animals with Us! Family Art Project   

Create Imaginary Animals Project 

Alameda County Library & Alameda County Arts Commission bring you "Create Imaginary Animals," a Kind, Connected Summer Program! Art is magic! You can create an animal from your imagination by mixing and matching animal parts. Together we'll use everyday materials to design and create animal parts for our imaginary creatures. Plus, you can send photos of your imaginary animal to our weekly Kind, Connected Summer prize drawing here! 

Use Everyday Materials to Create Your Imaginary Animals 

Use everyday materials to create a project uniquely your own. Everyone is creative! This activity will help you learn new skills and grow as an artist. Art IS Education!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Thin cardboard such as a cereal box or cracker box cut in three pieces:

    • 1 rectangle about 3 inches x 10 inches

    • 2 rectangles about 1 or 2 inches x 12 or 14 inches

  • Simple plastic headband

  • Paper: construction paper, tissue paper, copy/printer paper, wrapping paper, scrap paper, or paper bag

  • Yarn, ribbon, or string- about 3 yards

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick, glue, tape or stapler

  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils

  • Hole punch

  • Printout of “Imaginary Animal Project Info” booklet (see attached below)

  • Printout of “My Imaginary Animal” booklet (see attached below)

Make-Along Live Online Events 

Together, we’ll use everyday materials to design and create ears, wings, dinosaur spines, and other animal parts for our imaginary creatures. Register for an upcoming Make-Along event!

Celebration Live Online Event 

Share the imaginary animals you created at an online celebration.  
We can’t wa
it to see what you created!  

Make-It-On-Your-Own Video  

If you can’t join the online events, check out this video for steps, tips, and inspiring examples. 

Create Imaginary Animals - Kind, Connected Summer

Very Limited Supply of Family Art Kits for Pick-up 

A very limited supply of Family Art Kits are available at your local library on Wednesdays 7/29, 8/5 and 8/12 during No Contact Pickup hours; while supplies last. 


To post photos of this project for weekly drawings and for more information on the Kind, Connected Summer experience, visit: