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Create, Share, Discover: BiblioBoard


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How do I get started?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Write that book! We have lots of resources to get you started.

2. Format your book. You might already have an eBook ready to go. If not, try Pressbooks Public. It's easy to use and will help you produce a professional-looking eBook in no time.

3. Submit your book to the Indie Author Project. When you submit to the Indie Author Project, you automatically add your eBook to our Indie California Anthology at BiblioBoard. We'll add it to our library's catalog! You'll also have a chance to have your book selected as one of Library Journal's Indie Author Project Select titles! That means that your book will be added to BiblioBoard collections around the country AND you'll get a professional review from Library Journal!



Indie Author Project

What is the Indie Author Project?

The Indie Author Project (IAP) is a publishing community that includes public libraries, authors, curators, and readers working together to connect library members with great indie-published books. IAP has helped hundreds of libraries engage their local creative community and assisted in getting more than 12,000 indie authors into their local libraries.

With the Indie Author Project, local authors can share their work with the community to increase exposure by submitting their eBook to the library’s Indie Author Project program. Authors will have their book showcased in the Statewide Indie Collection, with the potential for national exposure, while retaining all rights to their work. 




BiblioBoard is an eBook platform that helps bring the work of indie authors to the community! You can view titles from anywhere in Alameda County without a library card - get started today. With a library card, you can download, save your favorites, and even comment on the books you read! 

Dip into one of these amazing curations:

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