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Alameda County Library

Tell Us Your Library Story: Home

About the Tell Us Your Library Story Campaign

Stories give us inspiration and hope. They connect us and make us human. With stories, we have the power to share our experiences, inspire others, and change lives. 

Through the Tell Us Your Library Story campaign, we’ll share stories that shine a spotlight on how libraries help build thriving and resilient communities. 

Share these stories with your family and friends. Help us spread the word about the value of libraries in our communities. We hope these stories will inspire you to share your own stories with us.

Sneak Peek of Library Stories

Watch this short video clip from our Tell Us Your Library Story campaign to find out what libraries can help you achieve.

Carley's Library Story

Listen to Carley’s story about how the library gave her a sense of belonging and the opportunity to pursue her passion.

Khalid's Library Story

Listen to Khalid’s story about growing up going to the library and how libraries strengthen the social fabric of our communities.

Lilibeth's Library Story

Listen to Lilibeth's story about how the library helped her achieve her dream of earning a high school diploma.    

Rupal's Library Story

Listen to Rupal’s story about how the library inspired her to invent a product and start her own business.

Mariam's Library Story

Listen to Mariam’s story about how the library gave her the courage to read and opened up a window to the world. 

Laura's Library Story

Listen to Laura’s story about how the library helped her make a career switch from a retail manager to a technician.