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SMART goals help improve achievement and success.  A SMART goal clarifies exactly what is expected and the measures used to determine if the goal is achieved and successfully completed.






Time Bound

Lesson Plans from the Roles and Goals Form

These lesson plans are directly related to the Roles and Goals form where learners chose goals they want to meet during their tutoring. These learner-centered lesson plans will help you achieve these goals.  Please customize the lesson plans to fit your learner’s particular learning plan. The lesson plans were collected by the California Library Literacy Service.

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Reference Materials

Adult Education Literacy Instruction: A Review of the Research (2010)

In-depth review of the adult literacy research with implications for instructional focus, methods, program types and adults with disabilities. Provides a strong rationale for Alphabetics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension reading instruction. 

Citation: Kruidenier, J. R., McArthur, C. A., & Wrigley, H. S. (2010). Adult Education Literacy Instruction: A Review of the Research. Washington, DC: National Institute for Literacy


Tutor Training

Access to Learning Videos 


An excellent series of training videos produced by Partners in Reading – San Jose Public Library Literacy Program. These very useful videos focus on researched-based reading topics and show specific lessons for tutors and learners.

First Meeting

Alphabetics: Phonemic Awareness

Alphabetics: Decoding/Phonics




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