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Alameda County Library

We are in the process of developing a phased approach to reopening that ensures the health and safety of our communities and staff. In doing so, we are following the best available advice from our county, state, and national health officials as well as the American Library Association. We plan to share our reopening plan next month, and our website will be updated with the details of the plan. Read more

Technology: Wi-Fi

All of our libraries offer free access to the internet through our public Wi-Fi network. Just login with your device to start using the internet! No library card is required. 

How can I connect?
Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device. Select the "[insert name] Library Public Wi-Fi" to join. Launch your web browser and go to any site. You should be redirected to our agreement page. On the "Welcome to the Library Wireless Internet Access" page, click on the "Accept" button. This will redirect you to our homepage. 
If this page does not load when you launch your browser or join the network, try visiting 
How long can I stay online?
As long as you'd like!