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Alameda County Library

Learn about our phased approach to reopening that supports the health and safety of our communities and staff. While our buildings remain closed, we are offering No Contact Pickup by appointment, Virtual Programs, Kind, Connected Conversations, Lawyers in the Library , and more.

Technology: Printing

Are you ready to send your document to the printer? You can send a print job from your home computer or any device in the library. We have printers available these locations: Albany, Castro Valley, Centerville, Dublin, Fremont Main, Newark, San Lorenzo, and Union City. 

How much does it cost?
Black and white copies can be made for $0.13 per page. 
Can I print in color?
Not yet.
How do I print?
Open your email. Attach your file to a new message and send it to the email address connected to your library (see below). Do not add any text in the body of the email and leave the subject line blank. A release code will be sent to you. Bring the release code to the printer at your library. Release your print job by entering the code on the GoPrint station, the computer right next to the printer. To pay for your print job use your Purchase a Print Card.
How do I pay for my print job?
You will need to get a Purchase a Print Card. These cards are available at your library. They cost $1.00 and come with $1.00 in print credits. Add additional funds to the same card.
I lost my release code. What do I do?
Oh no! We're sorry you lost that code. Unfortunately, we can't recover it. We can help you to send the document to the printer a second time. Please note that all jobs will automatically be deleted after 2 hours.