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Technology: Hotspots

Tech It Home is AC Library's Wi-Fi hotspot lending program. Our Tech It Home hotspots are small portable devices that can connect a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to the internet, for free, wherever it is available. They can be checked out for 21 days from any of our libraries' circulation desks. Please note: these items are very popular, so consider placing a hold to secure your checkout! 

Quick Start Guide

  • What's in the Box?
    • ​Hotspot An image of a black AT&T mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
    • Charging Cable An illustration of a USB Type-C charging cable.
    • AC Charger An illustration of an AC charger with a USB port.
    • This Quick Start Guide
    • Please note: your hotspot and charger may look different than the one pictured above.
  • Before You Start
    • ​Charge the Device
      • Plug the Micro-USB cable into the device.
      • Plug the other end of the cable into the AC adapter and plug the adapter into an electrical outlet.
      • The hotspot can be used while the hotspot is charging. The battery charge indicator will show when the battery is fully charged. 
  • Get Connected
    • Power Up the Device
      • If the device is not powered on, press the power button to the right on the top of the device. This will power it on.
      • The device will automatically activate. You will see instructions to connect your first device to the Wi-Fi network. (If the device does not activate, an alert will appear.)
      • It can take several minutes for your device to connect with the AT&T network.
    • Wirelessly Connect Your Computer
      • Once the Hotspot is powered up, you can find the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and Password on the screen.
      • Press the power button to turn on the screen.
      • Press and hold the lock icon on the screen. The Wi-Fi name (SSID) and Password will display.
      • Make sure your computer/mobile device’s Wi-Fi is enabled. This depends on your device, but most device will show this image when Wi-Fi is enabled.
      • Click or press the Wi-Fi icon to view the available wireless networks.
      • Choose the Wi-Fi name that matches your Hotspot, press or click connect, and enter the Wi-Fi Password shown on the Hotspot screen.
      • Open your device’s web browser.
  • Return to the Library
    • When your checkout period is over, return the device with its packaging and accessories to a staff member inside the library. For the safety of the hotspot, please do not return the device in the book drop.